Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MG Zeta commission work is on!

Woot! The client from Australia just paid me the 50% down payment for the MG Zeta commission build. I will be getting the kit as soon as the money gets transferred from my Paypal to my local bank account. This post is basically for my client to see the study of how the diorama or whole composition might look like.

The client basically wants a diorama similar to my " coup de etat " dio, he wants his MG Zeta to have the details and color scheme ( lighter blue tone on the light blue color though ) of my PG Zeta. So as replacement for the damaged Zeong I offered him my old MG pink DOM that was originally part of my " The Final Blow " diorama.

I plan to tilt the diorama a bit to give it a more dynamic look and make it seem like the hangar is also in ruins. The Pink Dom will have a large fin and a large right shoulder as modifications and will spray a clear red to reduce the pinkness of the kit.

Anyways, hope the client likes the idea ( in the photo ) but will definitely do the staging of both kits once I have snap fitted the MG Zeta. Thanks for dropping by! Til next post! ;)
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