Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mobile SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN episode 1 - screenshots

Ello guys, I have been working on these screenshots since yesterday, I have not really watched the episode yet, I just grabbed some action scenes that might inspire people ( like me ) to do a diorama. There are lots of really good action sequences in this episode and some are really diorama worthy. The great thing about planning to create a diorama of a scene in Gundam Unicorn is that most of the kits are already available in the market in hguc.

A hguc diorama would be perfect for a dynamic dio, plus it will be a ton cheaper to do than MGs. There are lots of exposure for Kshatriya in this episode, medium amount of exposure for the Rezel, minimum amount of exposure for the Unicorn and 0 exposure for the Sinanju. I could not tell much about the story coz again I have not really watched it yet, but the art is really impressive. Now here are 130 + photos/screenshots of Gundam Unicorn episode 1...

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