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Sunday, April 18, 2010

hguc Gaza-C snapfit

Ello guys, I am not in the mood to cut pla plates and do Gunpla today so I just snap fitted a hguc Gaza-C that has been in it's box for almost 2 years now. I got this kit from Bakuc 2008 or midyear challenge that I joined before. It was a pretty fun build, simple and straight forward.

The pose-ability is average and the clear green sensors is extra nice. The only thing a modeler would not want with this kit are the rubber wire parts. Rubber is impossible to paint and sand but it does look good snap fitted. The texture and matte finish of the rubber parts creates a nice contrast with the shiny plastic of the armor parts.

I did a quick research about the mech at, and I discovered that the Gaza-C is in the Unicorn novel series. Lovely! actually I saw this mech in action in the ZZ series, but after knowing that it is also in the Unicorn series , I immediately displayed it alongside my hguc Kshatriya, hguc Geara Zulu and my hguc Unicorn. The design of the mech does compliment the design of the Kshatriya, a combination of squarish sharp edged pieces with round organic shapes. Love it!

As a modeller, I believe that the uglier the kit, the better it looks once modified. Ugly meaning it looks less humanoid and Gundam - ish...SO, I love ugly! hehe. Now here are some pics of this very nice ugly kit...

Thanks for viewing guys! til' next post! ;)


MR_ZINC (AULON) said...

It may sound wierd but I think that entire Gaza family is one of better MS design. They are transoframable, and in a simple way so it won't make them hard to produce, good weaponary, mobility and shields for extra protection.
Lately I'm in the mood for cables/wires/pipes and other similar things so the more of them on a design the more I like it... kinda wierd...

Would love to see your vision of this kit DC :)

BTW have You ever tought of making M61A5 (UCHG 1/35) ? here is the link for review (bet you seen it alredy)
I would love to but it's damn hard to find it (and with reasonable price), Altough I'm thinking of building some Valiriyes from Macross (not neceserly from Frontier)- they seem to be realy cool kits

Anonymous said...

Nah, not weird...I like " ugly " kits I've said, the uglier the kit...the better it looks modified. BUT, I am not sure if I will work on this kit...I almost never give time to small hguc kits bro...the only hguc that I took a little seriously is the Geara Zulu. ;)

Yeah, I have been hunting for the 1/35 Zaku head and the othr stuff...if i get my hands on them, will surely make a huge dio man! Can't find them though, plus they are pricey.

Bryan Bloom said...

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