Sunday, December 27, 2009

AC " White Glint " WIP commission work

Hello guys...This will be my first INTERNATIONAL commision work, the client is from the US and I am happy today coz the client has sent his 50% downpayment through my PayPal account already, thus I will be working on this soon...I just have to transfer it to my local ( Philippines ) bank account tomorrow and wait 3-7 days ( I think ) and buy the kit locally ( that is if it's available ).

The client commisioned me to do an Armored Core " White Glint "...I am free to do modifications on it and even alter it's color scheme ( I am thinking of a gray and white digital camo of some sort )...the great news is he likes it weathered and he likes my DOM and purple IJ ( which are over-detailed for some ), which I think I am most comfortable of, so I'll be working within my style.

The client's requirements is to make it sturdy ( no loose parts ), have full articulation, and paint job nice and weathered. So again, I am free to do mods with this kit and I am planning to create a simple small base for it ( coz I love doing bases ). I will have to study the design of the kit, to see what mods would look best with it.

The client gave me a link at PLAMO as reference as to how weathered he likes his kit to end up...HERE is the link:

The modeler is Oishi, I can't see infos in his PLAMO account, thus I cannot link it to his website ( if he has one ) but here are a few pictures of his great work I took from the PLAMO link...

The client also gave me a link to deviant art to an artwork of ZaetaK of a " White Glint " artwork...I saved it and here is the very nice artwork by Zaetak...

Good news ey...I will post the WIPS of this build in this site, ZERO G of course, maybe Plamo, fichtenfoo and Netmorks. Thank you so much guys for the support ( you know who you are ) and stay tuned for this build. Thanks Again!!!...For those who are members of Zero G,
 the Zero G Forum thread of this WIP is HERE:

And also I just found this thread posted in ZERO's a finished build of an AC " white Glint " by VOLG, a Zero G member...

I also posted this in Plamo, Netmorks and Fichtenfoo...Thanks once again!!!

AC " White Glint " WIP part II
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