Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Gunpla of the Year

Julius Lim doing some final drybrushing before Bakuc Malaysia 2009...

Hello guys, I plan to do this every year from now on...I'll be putting my personal choice of Gunpla of the year annually. Well, we have seen a lot of kits throughout the year, some really good ones, superb ootb works, awesome works from the usual Gunpla masters and such...Well, as much as I want to list my top ten this year...that will be really tiring, I mean I have to ask permissions from my fellow modellers and link all of there works here....so I decided to just put 1, yes, 1...my  choice for Gunpla of the year, believe me...the second does not even come close to the hardwork and impossibility of this build. This is a creative piece with a very nice composition, painting is topnotch and the scratch building skills needed to build something like this is unimaginable.

HERE is the link of the Work in Progress thread in Zero G ( 11,220 views and 270 replies ):

HERE is the original thread of the FINAL pics in Zero G:

AND HERE is the link to Julius Lim's Blogsite:

NOW, I present to you...
the masterpiece of  Julius Lim ...The...

0083 Stardust Memories - Stipulation of Gerbera diorama

Some WIP pics...the original thread with millions of pics is in Zero G...The whole dendrodium was scratch built from high impact acrylic board and pla plates...sick work.

Here are a few final pics...again there are lots of pictures of this unimaginable build in Zero G...

That's about it! a million thanks to Julius Lim for allowing me to post it here in my blogsite...Again, do visit  ZeroGunz for more WIP pictures and final pictures of this masterpiece.

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