fellow MECH artists

Fichtenfoo or Master Foo as I call him in his forum is a very good sci fi modeler from the US. I learned ALL the basic skills in modelling in his personal site ( not his forum ). He does great sci fi scratch building projects and also does ootb Gundams ( with minor mods ) with custom color schemes and great custom decal work. His gallery has a very wide range of styles from clean gundam builds to heavily weathered sci fi kits and dioramas. Master Foo has a very wide range of skill sets in modeling.

Toymaker is a very good modeler from Singapore. He has highly modded and detailed kits that I get inspiration from and my kits simply looks like OOTB in camparison to his. His site/blog is one of my most visited sites when I was new to this hobby back in 2008. BTW, my original blog template and layout was purely copied from Toymaker's.
Matt Tomczek is a very good modeler with sick painting skills and is from the US, I met him in Hong Kong in the Bakuc finals 2008. His site houses outrageously expensive Gundam resin kits. His 1/35 RX 78 2 is a delight to look at and his masterful painting skills makes his kits look doubly expensive.

Ebasenet is comprised of three great modelers from Malaysia, Erix, Whitebase and G net. They do great customizations with there Gundams and all three have there own styles. They are all legit Bakuc Champions and have a vast gallery of models in there site.

Eday is a very very good modeler that loves doing 144 scale ( very small ) Gundam kits. He is from Indonesia but is now based in Hong Kong. The site houses great 144 scale Gundams with his piston heavy patented style and clean finishes. His works is not your average looking " MGfied " 144s but rather are even better than MGs themselves.
Izzaku's site GMrevo houses great clean builds with heavy modding. His MG Destiny which won as Bakuc World Champion in 2006 inspired me to join Bakuc last 2008. Izzaku is the only two time Bakuc World Champion ( 2006 and 2009 ) to date period

MatX hails from the Philippines and started Gunpla around the same time as I did ( 2008 ). His scratch building skills for Gunpla is unbelievable and his mods even has transformation gimmicks. Check out one of his wips and you'll be going back for more.

Derrick Poh aka Titanium is active in Plamo, he is based in Singapore and I met this guy alongside Matt Tomczek and Ray Loke back in HongKong 2008 in the Bakuc finals. His style is clean but with extreme modifications, he is fond of creating very nice hangar dioramas and he made his mark in the Gunpla community when he represented Singapore and won 2nd place in 2008 Bakuc finals.

Sam Mustafa aka sammy514 is a fellow moderator at ZeroGunz, we were actually promoted at the same time. This guy from Malaysia is a ton better painter though and his knack for beautiful color schemes and subtle but effective modifications is simply unmatched. A true artist by profession, talent and skills.

Julius Lim or ver. juju is the master of masters! He made his mark at Bakuc Malaysia a couple of years ago with his scratch built Sinanju and made a bigger and permanent mark last year ( 2009 ) with a full scratch built damaged 1/100 Dendrodium diorama. Needless to say, but the scratch building skills of this guy is humanly impossible.

Howard Khor is one of ZeroGunz's gem! This guy made a splash last year ( 2009 ) at Malaysia's midyear competition with his Psycho Gundam rendition... He followed this up with a very creative rendition of a Gouf last Bakuc 2009. His works are both creative and unique and are simply masterpieces of art.

Izham Ryukaze is the chief! He formed ZeroGunz.com and thus the main reason for gathering all of us in one healthy place! Izham Ryukaze aka Ryukaze is one of the four admins of ZeroGunz and he is fond of painting Transformer toys. He has a good number of beautiful renditions of TF action figures and Gunpla.