Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everybody Needs a Hobby


It's been a while since I posted a musing or sort of a rant here in my blog. I feel like ranting today though as I feel like letting out how I feel these days. Blogging has always been a nice outlet for me whenever I don't see anyone that is fit to talk to.

Readers of this blog are mostly people of my same age or people that are younger. I hope the younger dudes get something from this post.

I abruptly resurrected and took up this hobby last month as the politics at work has been very unbearable already. I am not directly involve in the politics, although I strongly felt and acted upon the situation. Funny that I ended up accused as one of the main culprit of the events for the past few months.

I cared so much for these people that I tried to protect all these months. Although I would admit that the word "caring" would be the last word you'll think of if you base your judgment on how I look ( tattoos and all ).

Again at the start of the chaos at the end of the year, I was totally not part of the shit. However I felt like getting involve to try to fix the situation as it was getting out of hand.

The ending was simple... I cared too much, I intervened too much, I protected these people too much... I ended up as the main suspect!

Sooooo many lessons learned!

Love your work, Enjoy your work, Work hard, Be nice to people and never EVER involve yourself in any politics at work.

You involved yourself as you felt it was the fair, right or just thing to do at that time. However as I learned and realized it the hard way... Corporate stuff and corporate politics is shit! It does not matter if your intentions were good, or your actions were just or you feel like protecting friends at that time.

Corporate shit is shit as it is. Corporate politics is illogical, unjust, unfair and at the end of it all... You realize that the people you protected needed no support or protection all those times. I should have protected myself in the first place.

So lesson learned, protect yourself as NO one will do that for you at work, work hard, love your work, be nice to people, care less and stay away from corporate shit.

This HOBBY also played a vital role in all this stuff. This hobby has kept me sane enough to survive the shit last month. Everybody needs a hobby... As it will help you CARE LESS about corporate shit at work.

Hope you find this read useful or entertaining at the very least.

Work Hard but be Nice to People. Care less and Protect yourself always! :)

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