Sunday, May 13, 2012

Space Marines painted by TEMBER

Space Marines painted by TEMBER photo

Just woke up today from a very tiring almost sleepless latter part of the week. I feel good though and should be painting my minis after a couple of posts. I got new Game Color paints and some Kolinsky brushes... meaning more fun very very soon! Man the Vallejo Game Color Bloody RED is just WOW! It is the reddest paint I've seen. I used to use Vallejo Model Color Vermillion.

Anyways, I thought of getting more Game Colors than Model Colors as I got inspired from Tember's post at Facebook, when he got a whole huge set of Vallejo Game Colors. Game Colors has less pigment than Model Colors but has more medium. More medium means a stronger paint and it flows smoother than Model Color. Game Color is a bit thinner than Game Colors though.

Anyways all this Game Color buzz is from good friend Russel Hutchison aka TEMBER who painted these cool Warhammer 40K Space Marines.

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