Thursday, May 17, 2012

1/2 scale The AVENGERS statues

1/2 scale AVENGERS statues photo

I am not a huge super hero fan, although I like Batman and Spiderman a lot and I have a small collection of super hero action figures. I did watch the Avengers a week ago with my 3 kids and my wife and enjoyed it a lot like so many others. My 4 year old son was staring at the big screen during the fight scenes like he was playing plants versus zombies.

I can't imagine how my son and my daughters would react to these statues if ever they see them in person. Great sculpts and great painting from Alex Arevalo aka Oceansean and his team as always. Do check out more photos of these stunning custom made The Avengers statues in 1/2 scale at Alex's website. Here is the link guys...

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