Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creators of 2012 Mecha Contest revealed!

2012 Mecha Contest poster

We have revealed our sponsors in HobbyMate, GreattoysOnline, Hobby Link Japan, GG Infinite, toolBOX23 in my older posts. Now it is time I present to you the insane creators of the 2012 Mecha Contest hosted only at MAC forums!

The creator and the idea of putting up this huge contest was from Kamm and Sneeper1980.
We our only planning to put up a smaller Gunpla Filipino Cup a few months ago, but then both these guys suddenly came up with a bigger insane plan. Unfortunately we could no longer host the Gunpla Filipino Cup this year at MAC forums, as our 2012 Mecha Contest already has ALL of our sponsors. lol

Alongside the other sponsors, Jonathan Kaminski aka Kamm & Steve Santos aka Sneeper1980 will be giving away insane amount of prizes for this competition. They will give and ship away around 15 huge and some rare model kits for the winners of each categories.

They shall reveal the detail of the loads of prizes that they are going to give away very soon! I'll leave you with this video revealing the creators of our 2012 Mecha Contest!

P.S. Steve Santos aka Sneeper1980 is half Filipino as his father is a Pinoy. Anyways, thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you join our huge online contest. Til' next update guys! :)

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