Friday, August 26, 2011

meeting the POISON MONKEYS in less than 18 hours!

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Sorry guys, just too excited, too enthused, and too overwhelmingly pumped up as I will be be meeting the POISON MONKEYS together with Edmund Teo of HOBBYMATE in less than 18 hours from now! I will be fetching the 3 poison monkeys in Toymaker, Izakku81 and Waylander today!

This is just sooooo unbelievable for me! Will tell you the story some other time why meeting These guys specially Kenny Lim aka Toymaker is too unrealistic, too impossible and too unbelievable for me. He is my Gunpla hero basically, him and Fichtenfoo... so meeting one of those two in this lifetime is just plain CRAZY!!!

But to not totally waste your visit here in this post, here are some links to Toymaker's blog pertaining to the poison monkeys!

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post guys! :)

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