Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank You 2009!!!

Hello guys, I am a couple of days early...but this is just a simple thank you post for my gunpla 2009 journey.

First of all, Thank you to my family, my wife my 3 kids...Nico, Sam and Basti, for giving me all the weekends of October to work with my " the graveyard " diorama. If it weren't for there support I could have not finish that huge dio.  And of course for always giving me a day during 2 day weekends for gunpla. :)

Thank you to all
the sites that has supported my blog...a few I do not know...but thank you nevertheless. Thank you to for featuring my " the graveyard " diorama..., Thank you to,, hobbyfanatics, and all the other forums, Plamo, netmorks, fichtenfoo, PinoyGundam, Bakuc, mechapinoy and mdl.

Thank you to ALL my fellow Filipino gunpla modelers...Thank you to Michael Tan and Nath1977 for being such an inspiration. Thank you to mdgelo ( wink, wink ), Sidorb and Fritz...and thank you to MatanglawinX and all those who joined the Zero G Pinoy GroupBuild...Thank you theghan, Gianshopao, disturbed_angel, and john david c. Thank you also to Pepe Diokno for the encouragements.

Special thanks to PinoyGundam for featuring my dio " coup d 'etat " in there site and also the support...
Thank you to Eday, for the warm welcome in netmorks and his support and advice...
Thank you to bro Toymaker, for the support, the very timely advice and the add to your fellow Toymakers I am still in disbelief and honored to be part of that list...
Thank you also  to mtomczek, for the support and the add.
Thank you to bro Rayloke, for inviting me to Zero G, the timely advices and the all out support to me and my fellow Pinoy GB gang.

 AND THANK YOU to my ZERO G family! I consider Zero G as my first forum and joined last January 14, 2009. Zero G has been a part of all of my gunpla journey and they welcomed me as family from the very beginning. Most of my builds, specially the harder one's like the Dom and " the graveyard " would not be possible if not for there encouraging and inspiring words and all out support. They are my primary source of inspiration and motivation and have supported me through thick and thins.

Thank you to the Zero G admins, boss Ryukaze, Rayloke, Genosider and superman859...Thank you to my fellow Zero G moderators, Shinobu, zero1st, and sammy514, Thank you to dlcm, Chriswoo, tkting, eday and the other VIP members of Zero G and Thank you to all the members arul93, juliuslim, siXty2 Hunter, aiku-aiku, Beckylaw, kupak, jeffho, aor_or_die, a-poc, Pakfoo, atomtec, yoplox, raven89, armahnza and all the other Zero G members! Thank you for the support guys!

And Thank you to ALL who have visited my blogsite...Hope to share more gunpla with you all in 2010!

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