Monday, February 27, 2017

POSTER Sizes and Pricing at the SHOP

POSTER Sizes and Pricing Photo

This Trollbloods inspired poster will be available at the ONLINE SHOP by 11pm EST ( February 26 ). Just wanted to put up this post, to guide prospective buyers of the additional printing costs for anything bigger than 8x10 inches.

The Base Price are the prices placed underneath the names of the prints. ALL 8x10 prints have NO additional cost ( unless you choose to have it on textured paper / canvas ). Pardon as I cannot trim the cost of the bigger sizes, as I opted to have this printed in a Kodak Photo Printing shop to ensure quality of the prints and paper.

ALL digital prints will be shipped in durable plastic ( Rotring / Staedtler ) tubes! We ship worldwide.

            Finished poster HERE

Feel free to message me at Instagrma, Twitter, Facebook or email me at for any inquiries. Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! CIAO!

POSTER Sizes and Pricing Photo

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