Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weathering with Pigments LINK fest

diorama weathered in pigments photo

Much like my previous LINK fest on Vallejo paints, I thought of sharing to you some links on what I have been reading for a couple of hours now. I have been researching a lot on using pigments for weathering. I have used Mungyo pastels a lot before, but discovered that pigments having finer dust applies to models a lot better than chalk pastels.

The flour like fine particles of pigments attaches to flat surfaced kits a lot better and I have tried using it both on my MG Zeta diorama and my Kratos repaint and custom base. I am planning to get loads of pigments soon as I find it a lot of fun to use other than simply using enamel washes for my weathering. Learned from the links that I could also use pigments with thinners, binders and mediums as a wet paint, thus I might try to improve the weathering of my MG Zeta diorama soon.

A couple of photos below shows how the pigments added some nice color interest to a plain black and white ground work. The pigments were directly brushed from the bottle then sealed with a matte coat. Unlike chalk pastels which sometimes totally vanishes after the matte coat, the pigments attaches to the surface a lot better.

I am obviously expanding my knowledge on weathering as I really enjoy it so much. As I've said it is like doing Photoshop work on 3D. Anyways the links here are some links to various pigments like MIGs, Vallejos and others. Although I only have access to Vallejo pigments here in the Philippines, these links could still be helpful as all pigments work more or less the same.

Hope you like the links guys! Til' next LINK fest! :)

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