Monday, April 25, 2011

Painting with Vallejo paints LINK Fest

vallejo paints photo

I am now in love with Vallejo paints! I always love painting and drawing but will never hand paint a Gunpla like Kamm though. Obviously I also love weathering my kits as it is the closest thing to painting for me. Weathering is like Photoshop in 3D!

Anyways, I have been reading a lot of Vallejo paint reviews for the past 3 hours now. I then thought of sharing a few useful Vallejo links with you guys as I am totally not credible enough to review them. Learned a lot in the links that I visited and here are a few important things that I learned about Vallejo paints so far...

  • Vallejo primer, paints, pigments and varnishes are EXCELLENT!
  • Vallejo model color paints are one of the best paints if not the best for hand painting
  • Vallejo model color dropper bottles does not dry up like the new Citadel paints
  • Vallejo model color metallics are rougher / inferior to Citadel metallics
  • You need to shake Vallejo paints rigorously before using them
  • Vallejo paints are cheaper than Citadels and Tamiya acrylics but works as good or better
  • I need to buy Vallejo Air Master paints for air brushing
  • Lastly, Vallejo pigments is all I will need for my weathering
If all those pointers are not enough to convince you to leave Tamiyas and Gunzes and convert to Vallejos, here are some links to some great Vallejo stuffs that I found around the net...

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